Sunday, October 14, 2012

The future is here

Over a decade ago i concluded that the business model used by our partner company was ahead of its time. This conclusion was based on my study of business books that described new trends in business.  Some of my current top team members became business partners on the basis of these writings.  Now i believe – the future is here.  And here is an example, another mainstream conventional business product distribution shifting to our way of business. One of the first was computers, with Michael Dell’s direct to the customer model. Now read what’s happening in cars sales and distribution – and not just bottom end cars – this article is about the top end of the brand options.

"How about a car dealership with, er, no cars.  Audi’s virtual showroom in London is hailed  as the future of automobile retailing.   ‘Audio City is revolutionizing the future of retailing by combining digital product presentation and personal contact with dealers’, says Interbrand, which annually rates the value of global car companies. Other makers, including BMW and Infiniti, are working on similar products.” (1)

That’s what we do. We offer personal relationships to consumer, using virtual displays and a small amount of hard product, and arrange distribution from the manufacturer to the consumer. We even offer customization at a level not yet achieved by any other in our industry.

Make no mistake – the future is here. It’s time to stop thinking and living in the past. That’s going to be tough for many who do not embrace change, and who cling to the mind-set of the masses. But then being left behind economically and in standard of living – the price you will pay for failing to keep up and change – is not going to be very easy either. And that ‘un-ease’ will be experienced by more than yourself. It will be experienced by all those who depend on you – you partner, your off-spring, your relatives and any others you influence.  There is one saying that will always apply – the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Your decision in embracing new models of commerce will in a significant way determine if you are part of the poor getting poorer equation.

Yes, the future is here. I embraced it over a decade ago and have been paving the way for thousands who have followed my lead. Are you still living in the past? If so, and i expect that would be the honest answer, you probably have  a collection of vinyl records also...

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(1)    Duff, Craig, 2012, Soft sell via the hard drive, The Saturday Mail, Brisbane, p. 3 of the Cars Guide lift-out.

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