Thursday, October 4, 2012

The fiscal cliff

I write this article specifically for my American brothers and sisters. I have been flying in and out of the US for about 23 years now, so I feel adequately positioned to share my observations. Since 2001 I have noted a significant contraction of the US economy. Sure there have been occasional rallies, but overall the pattern has been decidedly down. In contrast to many other economies, including the Asia Pacific ones, America has been declining now for at least a decade, and some would say longer.

It’s been enough to have people like martial artist turned movie star Chuck Norris publicly express their concern for the US economy, for the US way of life, for the future of the country. I believe Americans should be very concerned. In my opinion, this once great nation stands to experience the greatest contrast in economic fortunes and quality of life for its citizens than any other country.

Yes, I know you hear over-riding chatter about Greece and other struggling European countries. I suggest that is a smoke screen. Yes, Greece is in trouble. However should Greece fail, it makes relatively little difference to the global economy. Should the US fail in the same way that most fear for Greece – that is a different story.

The concerns for US are now so apparent, at least outside of the US, that I am seeing reference in global media to the ‘financial cliff’ faced by the US economy post election.

Why post election? Because most economists openly recognize that the US economy ‘coincidently’ looks above the trend in the pre-election year. I will leave you to figure out how that happens.

I believe that if the mainstream media have picked up on it, it must be glaringly obvious. However I sense that many of my American brothers and sisters have their heads in the sand. Hoping that the next government will save them. I am sure they have had these same hopes ever four years for the past few presidential cycles. I suggest they will be seriously disappointed. Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats, in my opinion, can save them.

So how valuable is my opinion. After all, I am just a coach. And I know what my detractors would say – that I should stick to coaching. This is the same thing they said when I broke out of the strength coach mould and created my unique approach to endurance training. This is the same thing they said when I broke out of the strength coach mould and created my unique approach to speed training. This is the same thing they said when I broke out of the strength coach mould and created my unique approach to flexibility training. Of course until the acceptance of my ideas reached a critical mass or tipping point, then they started to teach my approach as their own to ensure they appeared to be bringing them to the market…

So yes, you can view my theories on the economy as being outside of my field of expertise. However I know you will ultimately jump on board at some stage down the track when the trend spotters, who criticise today, and copy tomorrow, being teaching these same ideas. When ‘most people’ are either doing them or happy to accept them. This is what trend-spotters do, and these are the people who dominate marketing in our industry. And what the blind masses, like sheep to the slaughter, wait until this point to participate. You don’t have to. You can act now. And I strongly suggest you should.

Mark my words – this is not a new training trend that it’s okay to delay a few years to accept. This is an economically led social revolution which will occur in the next few years that will change you life forever. Should you fail to prepare for it, it will most likely be a change that will leave you gasping for air, one that you may struggle to recover from. I recommend you take this more seriously than you do a training theory. Your income, your standard of living, and that of your family, depend on this.

I am not alone in believing that your once great nation is heading towards a significant economic milestone, one that will have significant ‘challenging’ repercussions for every American. I am not the one who coined the term ‘economic cliff’. I endorse the concept, and have been calling this for nearly a decade now. Yes, relatively few have listened. Most would prefer to be impressed by a smoke-and-mirrors display of guru-ness by ‘coaches’ selling someone else’s ideas as their own. You have no chance of finding an economic solution from these fraudulent chameleons.

KSI leads the world not only in physical preparation teaching, but also in how we teach and live. We teach a holistic approach in a way that imitators will not be able to do – because they lack the discipline and delayed gratitude to live this way. We provide a global economic solution for those who are passionate about their physical preparation.

In summary, we unite and guide physical preparation coaches throughout the world who are passionate about serving with integrity and excellence yet also value leveraged income, and seek to develop this concurrently with their physical preparation life role, in a synergistic way that adds value to their clients, colleagues, friends and family.

We know that those who have stepped up from countries around the world and joined our team in the last month or so have begun to understand what they have opened themselves up to, and why they intuitively knew to trust us. The opportunity to prepare for the greatest economic change in the 80 year generational cycle is upon us.

Every day really does matter. This is sink or swim time. Your country is a ship in serious trouble. And this has serious implications for the world economy.

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