Book of Muscle

The world's most authoritive guide to strength training!

In 2000/2001 Men's Health (USA) magazine published a six part program spanning six issues of Men's Health titled 'Get into Shape'. This program series in addition to being the first six issue program series, was reported to be the highest ranking article in the history of the fitness department, as measured by consumer feedback.

As a result, Men's Health approached Ian to write a book, which ultimately was released in 2003 under the title (in the USA) 'Book of Muscle'. Shortly after it's release it made approximately number 17 in the New York Times best sellers list, needing to place in the top 15 to be judged a 'NYT Best Seller'. In addition, it's Amazon sales ranking was in the low 100's. These were excellent results! At this time it was claimed that more people in the world would now be training on Ian King's training methods than any other person's methods in the world.

The book has gone on to be published in UK as 'Muscle', in Germany (in German), and in Korea (in Korean).

Nearly a decade later, the Book of Muscle still ranges in the Top 25 in it's category on It has not yet been downgraded to paper back, repeatedly published as hard-back, coffee-table size, making it further unique in the publishing world of strength training books!

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