Sunday, June 7, 2015

If the ship goes down what will be your fate?

I’ve been a student of the economy, business, finance and success since the early 1999s. By that time I realized I had ‘cracked’ the code on training, yet at the same time realized I was a white belt in the financial stakes. So I set to work, as I do, studying widely and seriously. As with my training innovations, I didn’t write about my study and experiments for a decade, when I wrote my first financial education book ‘Paycheck to Passive’, and began teaching about money in our holistic physical preparation coach education through KSI U circa 1999.

Yes, I know. Physical prep coaches should not be talking about finances, have no right doing so, and most of you are not interested. Which is why most of you will become losers at the money game. And if the predictions I have been exposed to about events in the next few years are anywhere near accurate, those who lose at the money are facing a small upper-cut – rather a left / right combination and a hook and an uppercut.

I don’t speak too often or openly about money and business outside of our inner circles KSI Coaching group, however I chose to go out on a lim b recently in a general blog here:

With this in mind I found the following article very interesting:

My favorite line in the article:

“But Wiedemer’s outlook for the U.S. economy today makes Trump’s observations seem almost optimistic.”

Yes see we’ve being studying and improving and helping others in physical preparation improve, prepare and thrive in the holistic areas such as money, business and financial education now for about a decade and a half. We are unique in what we teach – we actually teach from personal experience. And we are very concerned that most of you are going to sink if the ship goes down because you may not be taking the warnings seriously.

Now hopefully the prediction and wrong and you can continue doing and thinking exactly what you are doing right now and survive. However, if the predictions are on track, all we can say is we did our best to reach out and inform you….its up to you.

If you have a concern about your future and you want to chat we are willing to reach out and help. We can make this offer because we know we are not going to over-run. Most of you are still lving with the habits in the mind and body of an economy that left the station years ago. Email us at