Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Myth - Falsehood (n.), Fiction, Illusion, Invention, Fabrication, Untruth

Someone sent me a file and said 'Look at this'. So I did. It was a program, free to anyone to download who visited this particular web site. It was allegedly a program written by the 'author' for 'an international rugby team'. And I nearly fell out of my chair....

You see over the last 30 odd years I have written more programs for athletes than most could dream about. Literally thousands. One of my rules - personally, professionally and in my company - is that the programs written for a client/athlete remain confidential. Any programs I publish were generic programs written for that situation only.

So why was I completely shocked when I opened this file that a concerned person had forwarded to me? Because this 'free downloadable' program was EXACTLY the same program that my company had provided one of our clients some years ago. How the f#%k did it get to being given away? How was it that the confidentiality of my company's client was being compromised?!

This downloand was WORD PERFECT! IT WAS LAYOUT IDENTICAL! I personally did the layout so I know the origin. AND WHEN I LAYED THE ORIGINAL BESIDE THIS 'AUTHORS' PROGRAM - ALL THAT HAD BEEN DONE TO CHANGE IT WAS ....NOTHING!!! Hold it - I found ONE change - the word 'King' in relation to 'King Deadlift' had been replaced with the words 'Single Leg'.

So 50% of that clients program was included in this 'give away'. Now it all came back to me - how this breach of confidentiality and breach of KSI copyright could have happened - but I still could not believe it - who would do that? What kind of integrity deficit behaviour is this? I still shake my head to this day....

But it wasn't over....

Someone else sent me an 'ebook' by another 'author'. I opened it up and.....holy f&$k!! It's the SAME PROGRAM - AGAIN! This time it was 100% of this program - a confidential, proprietary document, now being sold by the 'author'.....

By now I didn't bother sitting on the chair - because I kept falling off it in shock...
I read....

I’ve designed this program around a typical client, looking to get in shape, with limited time, resources and equipment. ...

What a load of f%$#&)g bullshit!!  What kind of person would do this?!

Not only do we have the issues of selling/giving away proprietary information the property of another person/company, and the confidentiality issues that have been breached in relation to the clients rights - we also statements grossly misleading statements like this.

The greatest effort that appeared to occur prior to the publising of this document, containing 100% of the program, was on this occasion it appeared the font had been changed....

There were a few other minor modifications - and I mean minor.

I believe that I may spend the rest of my life wondering what it takes for any person to stoop this low.

In naming this product, I ran the word 'Myth' through the
Thesaurus, and it listed the following:

Falsehood (n.)






And I said - that's about it!

So...You may have heard of the 'Secret' DVD, released in the personal development world to much acclaim. This series will expose you to some 'other' secrets that will give you a life lesson and insight that could positively shape how you choose to further your professional development.
The 'Secrets Series' is a body of works for the consummate professional who is committed to fully appreciating the impact of published works that are based on experiences and conclusions that are not the authors, and understanding the history of conceptual development.

In the Barbells & Bullshit series Ian King teaches how we all decide, consciously or unconsciously, to reason, act and receive based only on our own experiences and conclusions, or to be a collection of the thoughts of others through intentionally or otherwise accepting their influence.

These selected works analyzed in this Series serve to ram home the extent to which people are satisfied to be and teach a collection of others peoples ideas, a dilution of the intent of the original author.
Once you fully appreciate the extent to which this occurs in your industry, it is expected that you will be shocked into being more analytical about the influences you are being exposed to, and the source of all material that is promoted in your intellectual space.

This series provides you with massive lessons in integrity (or lack of) and how you can so easily be caught up in learning second hand, diluted versions of an original message. The marketing and commercial interests of the author and publisher are pitted against the good of the buyer, a battle occurring that many consumers of informal education in this industry are blissfully ignorant of. This ignorance and blind faith in the integrity of others has potential price to pay by misleading the consumer, and by presenting a model of integrity that has dubious value for all within the industry and the broader community.

A true teacher of the art of practical application can seek only to teach what they have mastered. This approach is recommended to anyone serious at being the best they can be in the physical preparation industry.

The titles currently available in this series include:

Vol 1 - The Code to the Fitness Professionals Program Design Bible (1st Edition)
Vol 2 - The Code to the Fitness Professionals Program Design Bible (2nd Edition)

And now....

Vol 3 - The Marcocycle Myth
Subsequent volumes will be released in the immediate future.

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