Friday, April 2, 2010

The publications that I have worked hardest on in my career

I written a lot of books. More than most. I know they are hard work, as any author would. However during 2009 I worked harder on a publication than I have ever worked before on any publication.

The tragic thing was that my time and energy was not being directed to sharing with the world more of my conclusions and innovations in training. Rather my energy was going towards unravelling a decade of deceit by one 'author', identifying potential copyright breaches in approx. 40 of this 'authors' publications.

In essence, not only did I work harder unravelling the lies than I have on writing any of my books to date - I also believe I worked 'harder' than the author, as repetitive use of the C+C / C+V buttons does not require much effort. Not only does it require little effort, it also require a dearth of integrity.

You are going to be able to learn more about this through various sources including but not limited to:

* the 'That Looks Familar - Exercise Descriptions ebook
* the 'That Looks Familiar Blog'
* the 'Wall'
* to be followed by the 'Floorboards'
* to be follwed by the 'Roof'
* to be followed by the 'Windows'
* the Barbells and Bullshit book (to be released this year)
* the Barbells and Bullshit seminar tour (USA, July 2010, locations tbc)
* the Secrets Series (Volumes 1, 2 and 3 have now been released - more to come)
* videos on YouTube (some up now, especially in the 'Satire' playlist, and many, many more to come!
* a book giving specific details about aspects even my closest confidants may not be aware of in relation to the matter
* media releases about the NSCA ethics committee ruling
* media releases about my personal and polite approach to certain publishers/distributors
* and of course, the transcripts of the hearing if it needs to go that far
* and what ever else come ups!

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