Thursday, March 25, 2010

More than a decade behind the times

10 years after I promoted unilateral leg training including the Bulgarian squats on the same web site, another article promising 'a faster, safer way to increase lower-body muscle size and strength' is published (Build Bigger Legs, One at a Time).

The Bulgarian squat, of course given a new name on this occasion, was touted for its superiority, including over the standard squat. Sounds just what Spassov was saying nearly 20 years ago!!

But then I have just given a more accurate history lesson that this 2009 version.

I can only imagine what these authors were doing in the gym during the 1990s - and I can only assume it wasn't a dominance of unilateral leg work nor was the Bulgarian squat making an appearance. More likely heavy lifting ala the way it was in strength training for sport during the 1990s. Just a hunch....But would love to see their programs. I will be analysing one such program published late 1997 - interesting.

I have more respect for the guys who were taking notes, learning and applying these developments when they came out in the 10-20 years ago than these johnny-came-latelys sharing their belated regurgitations.

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