Friday, March 5, 2010

The Legacy World Tour

Singapore Wed 28 Apr

Dublin Fri 30 April

Dublin Sat 1 May

Innsbruck Sun 2 May

Innsbruck Mon 3 May

London Wed 5 May

Toronto Fri 7 May

Boston Sat 8 May

tbc Sun 9 May

Learn from the source the theories and methods that have influenced and shaped the world of physical preparation, from the worlds most influential innovator of in physical preparation during the last decade or more.

In the late 1990's and early 2000's Ian released many of his time-tested and proven experienced based original theories and methods in articles, books and DVDS.

For the most part they met with the usual human response - those whose values, beliefs, investments and or egos were threatened were highly critical (some even stormed out of his seminars in outrage!). Ian and his supporters received threats and vilification for his 'heretical' theories and methods.

Then as the methods become accepted these 'gate-keepers' of the truth chose to teach Ian's methods, for the most part in the absence of credit or permission.

Now more people around the world training for sport, occupation, recreation or therapy reasons would be using Ian's theories and methods of training than any other single persons in the world.

His theories and methods are literally the most copied in the world of physical preparation, albeit more times than not in the absence of recognition of the origin.

Now you have a chance to meet with and learn in person from the person who has been the most influential individual in the world of physical training during the last decades as Ian shares the lessons he has learnt during his 30 years in the industry. Ian's innovations in training have shaped the world of physical training in every aspect and country around the world. Chances are something you are doing in your physical training has been influenced by Ian King. With 30 years in the industry Ian has been possibly the most influential, the most copied innovator in the world of physical preparation. Now you can learn from the source! There is no need to learn from the diluted imitations! Go to the source! Meet Ian in person and gain direct insights into the ways and reasons for his training ideas.

Here are some of the original Ian King theory and methods that you will be exposed to in the Legacy seminar, taught from the source:

• Sayings such as
- people over-react in the short term and under-react in the long term
- time magnifies errors in training
- don’t break the rules until you know the rules
- only results matter

• Philosophies such as
- athletic success is not measured in the gym - Do the least amount needed to get the most results
- Develop the athlete then the player
- look at the bigger picture

Concepts such as:
- prioritization through volume, sequence and load
- that which is done first in the training week and workout gets done best
- every single training method will have a negative effect - and must be countered.
- The specificity continuum

Principles such as:
- Opposite and equal effect
- Optimal vs. capable
- Transfer vs. specificity
- Contrarian

Flexibility training concepts, theories and methods such as:
- Static stretching is the most effective method for improving flexibility
- Static stretching before training is not recommended, contrary to the propaganda pushed earlier in this decade
- Flexibility is the most important physical quality
- Strength training exercises do not in themselves create flexibility – they are more likely to reduce flexibility

Strength training concepts, theories and methods such as:
- Categorizing the body and exercises into planes of movement (vertical and horizontal pulling and pushing, quad and hip dominant) rather than muscle groups
- Creating family trees of exercise and how to build progressions within the family tree
- Tempo and the three digit speed timing method
- Athletes should not use external loading before they have mastered their own bodyweight and in some cases athletes are not even able to manage their own bodyweight

Speed training concepts, theories and methods such as:
- The reverse periodization of speed method, going from power to capacity not the opposite
- Power based running sport athletes performing high volume of sprinting are not doing speed training, rather endurance training
- Strength training and speed are highly correlated provided the strength training methods do not increase the stretch-shortening cycle ability
- Stretch shortening capacity of the athlete will help determine their training needs in a sport requiring that capacity

Endurance training concepts, theories and methods such as:
- The endurance base is a myth not a science
- Cross training is ineffective
- Endurance training needs to raise in specificity in correlation with the level of qualification of the athlete
- Developing endurance with the intent of transferring it to speed is not the sound principle that traditionalists have been promoting for decades

And ALSO learn the theories and methods he has developed over the last few years which WILL shape the world of training in the coming decade! When you learn them from the source the value will always be greater than learning a second hand diluted version.

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Up to end of Early Registration (26 March 2010) - 75% refund
Up to end of Standard Registration (9 April 2010) - 50% refund
After 9 April 2010 - 25% refund
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