Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Trust and action

I speak and present to a lot of people. Ideally to highly pre-qualified people who have my experience and drive to excellence. However in the case of presenting to large groups I understand the need to be give anyone in the audience a chance to be exposed to the lessons I share, knowing some will ignore the message for a variety of reasons.

One of the most common reasons I believe is I teach things that are beyond the current dominant paradigms, things that are not trend yet – so the majority won’t want to do them – but things that once the industry trend-spotters pick up on the groundswell and imminent tipping point they will rush to publish them (even if it means rewriting chapters from previously published book) – just to be seen as the ones who ‘brought this stuff to light’ (one of my favorite BS statements code for we had no idea but realized it was going to be a hit so we wanted to be associated with it’s popularity).

So when I receive feedback from an otherwise lowly pre-qualified seminar attendee who has never heard of me before, never met me before, and never had a one on one consult with me before – they were simply in the audience – that they have taken action and it has opened their eyes to the possibilities and potentially changed the quality of their lives – well, that’s really, really rewarding.

This is exactly what happened when I received this email today:

“Hi Ian, I met you on Saturday afternoon in Perth, I was asking questions about where to start when you’re broken. You recommended a stretching DVD. Was that the Guide to Individual Stretching that you talking about? And is the DVD the same as the video that is available on your site? If so, then I’ll buy the one on your site. I just wanted to be sure it was the correct video that you mentioned.

After the presentation I went searching and found an article that you wrote a few years back on the Lazy Man’s Guide to Stretching.

About four weeks ago I tore my left soleus, only a minor tear, but the second one on that leg in two years (the previous one was a grade 2 tear in the gastroc). After resting for a week my physio said I could walk as much as I wanted as long as the leg didn’t hurt, and not to walk two days in a row so as to give it time to rest in between. Since I don’t have a moderate bone in my body, I walked 12km in the next few days (with the days off in between) at a pace that was only just slower than my running pace. My calf didn’t hurt, but I did end up inflaming both hips and glutes. Since then, for the last three weeks I’ve had a burning muscular pain in my glutes and aching hips. Foam rolling, massage, gentle walking, none of it really helped. It improved a little, but was hurting constantly.

I did the Lazy Man’s stretching last night, and a few minutes after finishing I realized that neither my hips nor glutes were hurting. I had a little bit of an ache this morning when I got up, so did the stretches again and have been fine all day. Three weeks of discomfort and it’s gone with two sessions of stretching.

This is why I’d rather not wait a few weeks for the DVD if I can access it via video now. If a few simple stretches can fix that then I can’t wait to see what a proper full body routine could do! Thanks,
--M, Perth

To which I replied:

“M – that is the DVD I was referring to - you can get it hard copy here

Or electronic here:

Great to see you dig up an online article! Here are a few more for you:

When you say:

“Three weeks of discomfort and it’s gone with two sessions of stretching."

I get very happy! And people wonder why I am so confident about he effective of my conclusions about the best way to train!

To reward you for you willingness to trust my recommendations, to take action, to find ways to heal yourself – I have just given you free 1 month access to the ‘KSI Athletes, Family and Friends section of the KSI E-Video Library – which includes the e-version of the dvd you are going to buy – so that you can get started now! And you will note this section includes so much more incredible (and now free to you) content!

Well done! I am so proud of you!”

--Ian King

Wow! Isn’t it great to impact peoples lives through training, only possible with trust and action!

Ian King

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