Thursday, May 14, 2015

Ground hog day for the physical preparation coach

After spending a few hours on the phone with Bruce from the UK a number of points he made struck home. Not that they were new, just that the strength and commonality of the pattern had become distant for me.

He spoke of waking up and realizing each day was the same as it was over a decade ago.
“…The realization struck me recently that my working day is similar to what it was thirteen years ago.”
He spoke of realizing that his income was not growing. But that the cost of living was.

He spoke of the realization that whilst making money per se was never his initial goal, he now realized that the obtainment legal tender (was critical to support those that relied him.
“…Making money was not my main concern when I initially set up in business but my outlook has changed considerably as I now have a family to provide for, as well as retired parents for whom I want to ensure quality of life into old age.”
And even though it is almost heretical to talk about family values in physical preparation, the reality is many will have family, have kids, and spend more time with their clients than their kids.
“….So my main personal challenge is simply to create financial security for my family, and I currently feel a long way from this and a little lost as how to achieve it. I also want to be in a position where I can enjoy time with my children and, however clichéd it sounds, watch them grow up.”
No, it’s not cliché to me – maybe to the average ‘I just want to talk about sets and reps’ kind, but not to me. I made a plan to give my kids the same level of service or better than the athletes I trained like they were my kids.

He spoke of realizing the need to do something differently to get a differently result.
“I believe I have grown my companies almost as much as I can …and, looking forward, I do not see much capacity for a change in my circumstances.”
Now let me say this. Many will discard this text as boring soppy crap. And I can assure you that those same people, in 10-20 years time (if not before) would, if they were to be honest, say they missed the point, and wished they would have taken more notice all those years ago when an older, more experienced person who had figured this out had thrown them a lifeline.

One day you might realize, it’s physical preparation ground hog day – and it’s not a movie, it’s your life….

It an amazing opportunity to be a coach – but how many reps are you counting count for clients before you realize that choice would be great. Choice meaning you can vary your day from what it year in, year out….

I know, I make a lot of people angry when I have the audacity and rudeness to holistically, because the unwritten rule in coaching is you are just a coach, get used to it, and don’t dare to be a anything more than a one trick pony.” I have been teaching holistically for a number of decades now and I’m pretty desensitized to the less than complimentary comments (they are part of being an innovator, and doing what you feel is the right thing to do as opposed to what you think others want you to do – I get them daily…).

I am also pretty desensitized to seeing older coaches doing what they were doing decades prior, for less money, for less joy and the pain is evident in their voice and body (assuming they have not left the industry in disillusionment).

It doesn’t have to be this way. How do I know? Because I have mentored many to a life that is very different to the fate most of you face.

The first case study I share is that of a college strength & conditioning coach in North America who 15 yrs ago took up the challenge:

The second case study is that of an Australian physical preparation coach who 10 years ago took up the challenge:

The third example is that of a Californian PT and physique competitor who not only took up the challenge but also became the winner of our first formalized season of the Leveraged Income Challenge:

So here’s you chance to choose between a future of ground hog day for the physical preparation coach or choice. Your call.

Interested to learn more about the KSI Leveraged Income Challenge? Click here:

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