Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I never get lost – I’m always being told what I should and shouldn’t do….

I’ve a personal joke about never getting lost because in everything I do or go there is always someone keen to tell me what I can or should do or not do!

Here are some of the things I have been told I can and can’t do, or what I am. That I chose to ignore and instead make my own decision about what I should do or be, just as I encourage everyone to do.

You can’t coach!

It was about 1981 and I was doing a sport specific coach accreditation course. I got a ‘C’ for my practical coaching assessment, and it was pretty clear the coach teaching the course believed I could not coach. That coach went on to be the national coaching director amongst other roles. Right or wrong, I keep going, and there are thousands of athletes who would score me a bit higher than a ‘C’ from their personal experiences!

You can’t teach!

I was doing my final year of practical PE teaching and the superving teacher left me no doubt as to his assessment – I could not teach. Right or wrong, I keep going, and there are thousands of athletes and hundreds of thousands in training around the world who have benefitted from and enjoyed my teachings.

You don’t know what you are doing in training!

I was the first Australian to make a living out of training athletes, and yet many who came later were common in their claims that I didn’t know what I was doing. Apparently I had no idea on how to train athletes. Knowing what I now knew about the intentions of these ‘coaches’, I get why Right or wrong, I keep going, and there are thousands of athletes who whose sporting goals were met or exceeded, and hundreds of thousands if not millions whose training has been positively impacted by my training conclusions.

You can’t write!

After I published my first book on bodybuilding (Get Buffed! 1999) I received an email from an established industry writer with professional training in journalism. He went paragraph after paragraph about how bad my writing was. I got the sense he wanted me to stop writing, and knowing his influences, I get why. Right or wrong, I keep going, and there are hundreds of thousands of people around the world if not millions whose training has been positively impacted by my writings.

You can’t present and your concepts are crap!

During a seminar in Boston around 2000 I noted a mass walk out of attendees, let by a local coach who I had never head of before, despite travelling throughout and studying all prominent S&C coaches in North American for the prior decade. Later that day he sent a scathing email to my host telling them my content was really bad, and my delivery was really bad, and threatening what would happen to my host if they dared bring me back. Knowing what I now know about the intentions of this ‘coach’, I get why. Right or wrong, I keep presenting, every year there are thousands around the world who seem to really enjoy and benefit from my presentations!

You are an arse-hole and nobody likes you!

During a presenters dinner at a national level conference about a decade ago I listened to a physical preparation coach embellish their role in the success of an athlete (nothing new about that!). Then I watched them walk into the trap being set by another at the dinner table, who then set about challenging why that had had certain technical limitation. At this stage the embellisher didn’t know which hole to crawl into. I was almost on the floor laughing. It was, at least in my opinion, really funny! I got the obligatory ‘no-one likes you email’ a few days later…

Shortly after than I got an email from a young wannabe who sought direction in relation to his first knee reconstruction. I asked him some direct questions, which resulted in an immediate push back, and that was the end of the dialogue. Within 12 months that same person who could not engage in a straight discussion about why they got injured in the first place has work hard on marketing themselves on having a bullet proof solution on how to prevent or rehab knee injuries….

I get a lot of emails (nothing new about that) most asking for guidance. When I give them guidance, I look at their willingness to help themselves. Are they willing to buy the educational material I suggest, or is their interest limited to if they receive ongoing free email mentoring from me. Sometimes I even ask them what action they have taken in relation to the prior actions that I gave them to do to test their true intentions. Sometimes this doesn’t go down too well, like the one writer who suggested I was an arse-hole for suggesting that there was a limit to my desire to provide free email mentoring in the absence of a commitment to take the actions I recommend….

Right or wrong if you speak BS (there a number of bi or multi-linguals in the industry…English…BS…!) I will laugh. Right or wrong if you ask me send me emails asking for my help I will continue to challenge you in your thinking and (I know, very audacious!) expect you to take action to find your own answers also! If you don’t like it, stop BS’ing or don’t send me emails asking for something when you are not willing to take action for yourself, to reflect on your own paradigms!

I keep answering emails in the same I reserve the right to ask you a question also way. And every year (and there’s been a few years since emails entered our lives) there are thousands around the world who seem to really enjoy and benefit from my responses!

Now I ‘ve give heaps of personal examples. I know you have heaps too. The only question is – will you stand true to your path or be buffeted by the actions of others whose motives are at best questionable? Will you be true to yourself, or feel the need to follow the directions given to you indirectly by those who do not necessarily have your best interests at heart?

We all face these decisions, ever day.

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