Friday, February 26, 2010

Someone spiked my drink...

Many years ago, after expressing my cynicism at repeated stories of athletes blaming their 'natural supplements' for failing sports drug testers, one of my newsletter readers send me a blistering email about the 'science' of how one could go positive on over the counter supplements. I remained skeptical.

I had a quite laugh when Andre Aggassi came out of the closet so to speak admitting he lied to the tennis body about his positive test for recreational drugs. For the record I have absolute respect for Andre and what he has achieved in tennis and life. I make no judgement about his fabrication or his drug use.

What I do believe his admission did was start to peel back the lid on some of the 'someone spiked my drink' stories....

Needless to say, the Women's Tennis Federation a few years ago entered into a deal with a supplement supplier that offered up a$1 million US payment for any athlete who tested positive whilst taking its supplements, after this company took its products to a World Anti-Doping Association (WADA) accredited lab to ensure its formulas met the standards required to avoid any doping offences from their consumption alone.

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