Thursday, February 25, 2010

Giving credit

I watched Brad Sugars in live seminar last week, fifteen years after first attending one of his seminars, and many in between.

For those who are not familiar with Brad, he is a Brisbane born lad currently living in the US who has contributed much to the world of business coaching. We have been among the many to benefit from his works.

Anyway, during the seminar last week he made multiple references to the late Jim Rohn, quoting Jim and immediately giving recognition to Jim as being the originator of the saying. He also recognized and expressed gratitude for Jim's contribution to his life.

Imagine that? Imagine this level of honesty and integrity in physical preparation - in giving credit for original work and recognition for contribution to those who have added value to the life’s of many.

I didn't hear Brad say how he 'stole that saying from person x', and I didn't hear Brad attempt to pass off the sayings as his own. And Brad didn't choose to ignore the influence Jim had on him.

Brad talked about Jim in the same way he did 15 years ago. He didn't bullshit then, and he didn't bullshit now.

Imagine that in physical preparation? One day....

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