Wednesday, July 25, 2012

International expansion of our supplement distribution division

Some of you may be aware that 12 years ago I set up a supplement distribution division in partnership with a US company. We do it quietly, we do it with integrity, we do it with the best interests of our customers and sales team, and we do it in a way that is compliant with the rules and regulations of the countries we do business in. This alone rules out most supplement operations!

I train athletes because I have as gift and am passionate about helping athletes succeed in sport. I teach my coaches to do the same – fulfil their gifts and passion for training athletes.

However I concluded a long time ago that excellence-based service does not provide the financial freedom that is possible. So I developed a product distribution arm in partnership with a US company listed on the US stock exchanges. I selected this company after two years of trials with athletes at elite level.

Quite simply product sales provide leverage that selling your service doesn’t. And the compensation plan involved provides potential for passive or residual income, something that few in business ever achieve. I concluded by mid-1990s that at the rate I was going, after 25 years coaching, I had no leverage or financial security irrespective of being one of the truly highest paid coaches in the world at the time. You can learn more about this in my ‘Paycheck to Passive’ book and or workbook.

I spent the next half decade developing my financial intelligence. However I had no desire to create a ‘McDonalds’ like approach to physical preparation – by hiring cheap and low competence trainers and selling their services to clients. This is not my approach. I do not support this approach to training. I don’t make a habit of eating at McDonalds and I don’t believe athletes should receive services where the primary aim is to make a profit.

From my studies into financial and business education I selected a business model and company and established a division which would allow and support physical preparation coaches who loved what they did but realized they needed more to create the financial security for themselves and their families.
During the last 12 years we have created structures and systems in training and teamwork that have supported this goal, as evidenced by physical preparation coaches around the world who have created leveraged income.

During the last few weeks we have expanded also our supplement distribution division into the Singapore and China markets. What many of you may not be aware because it is rare, our products are:

• Labelling compliant in all countries we are approved to distribute into

• Component compliant in all countries we are approved to distribute into

• The products have are World Anti-Doping Agency compliant, so we know athletes will not test positive in drug testing at any WADA compliant testing

• Produced by choice at pharmaceutical grade standards

• In-house production facilities (not out-sourced production)

• Our manufacturing facilities are inspected and approved all countries we are approved to distribute in

• The potency of every pill in every bottle is guaranteed to be what is on the label

• Backed by a team of focused and supportive scientists who answer our questions when we need them to

Our supplement division is not for everyone. We don’t buy into mainstream trends and beliefs. We don’t believe in get rich quick schemes. We accept it takes years to build something great. We believe in putting the needs of others first. We don’t support lying, cheating and stealing. If its not excellence based, we don’t get involved.

We recognize that most average people won’t do what others are not prepared to do so they can receive what others will never receive. Most people are drawn to promises of fast results and other instant gratification themes.

I can tell you most of you will take years to develop entrepreneurial skills required to successfully develop truly leveraged income. The greatest challenge is learning the mindset of the entrepuer – moving from the left to the right of Kiyosaki’s cash flow quadrant. This will take years for most. In fact, most will never meet a person who has mastered this and is willing to teach it. Most will pay to attend seminars with people who talk a great story but have not actually achieved the financial position they infer they have.

Some will recognize they need leveraged income to get ahead, and be ready to work and change to achieve it. Some realize that the cost of living is rising faster than their income and the economy is changing so fast that intuitively know they need to develop new business models. If you are one these people, you can talk to any of the top KSI coaches to learn more.

We are expanding into new markets and existing markets, and constantly assess individuals for their potential to contribute. In essence we look for good people, people with integrity, who are committed to taking long term action to secure the financial future for themselves and their families. We will be able to tell fairly quickly whether you have what it takes at this stage to succeed with us in this business or not.

Ian King

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