Monday, October 19, 2015

I’ve learnt a few keys to failure!

One of the benefits of talking to people about taking action and potentially experiencing change in life is that you get to learn about how the average person thinks.

Napoleon Hill wrote a famous book called ‘Think and Grow Rich – The Keys to Success’ on the basis of his chats with highly successful people. I believe my chats are leading me to form the content for a manuscript of a similar kind – just the opposite ‘The Keys to Failing!’

So in the lead up to Season 3 of the KSI Leveraged Challenge I have been doing my best to give away $1,000, free training, mentoring with myself - in a program that can and has changed peoples lives.

At the same time every week this year I watch a certain man’s business outperform and out earn mine – despite him passing away over a decade ago. And his wife and children are the beneficiaries of this. Now we will catch up and exceed his business success, and whilst I do feel a bit embarrassed that at least 2 of my former colleagues have passed and still out-perform me from the grave, here I am talking to people who may never take the action to have this potential reward! I can assure you they will not be generating income for their family post their working life, or post their life. They are committed to failing.

I heard a phenomenal quote recently as I studied some seminar footage, where the speakers minimum requirement was they had to be 7 figure income earners per year. Not turnover, personal income. That’s right, a million or more per year or you can’t speak. And yes, it was not a physical preparation seminar….

And one of the speakers said words to the effect:

The average person…

….works out how (or if they think) they can do it..
….says yes…
…and then tells people.

The above-average person….

…says yes…
….tells the world...
…and then works out how to do it.

And the challenge with that is the ordinary person doesn’t know how to solve their challenges, other than using the solutions that got them to their current challenges. So they don’t know how to do it and will never figure it out because the answers only come after you start! So they are right – they can’t take action or change!

So if you are looking for reasons not to take action and not to change, and are committed to being as you are and hoping things don’t change around you too much, you can use this!

So, in case this turns into a series, here’s one of the ‘Keys to Failure’! Say:
‘I can’t do it until I have worked out how to do it!’

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