Friday, September 5, 2014

Inspiring a new generation of coaches to think for themselves

Inspiring a new generation of coaches to think for themselves
(And reference the source in a way that was selectively forgotten during the first decade of the 21st century….)

I recently received an message from a reader and it went like this:
Hi Ian, I have written an article based on the interview that you did with John Meadows and Shelby Starnes about stretching. It sumarises the things you talked about and I give my on take on parts of it. I just want to thank you for bringing this to my attention as its not something I had ever previously considered in my training, but now I do.

I hope I've translated the messages correctly. My article's name is 'Stretching is King' I'm a primary school teacher and I've hopes of one day moving my learning on strength and conditioning education into the real world. I've trained for over 10 years myself and helped to coach friends during this time but as you say, and as I know from my current job, 'learning is doing' and in some capacity, whilst raring two children and holding down other obligations, this is my passion, education and teaching. I've done my best to read and watch everything you've done so far and the honest of your information is what is different to those who attach it to a sales or marketing ploy and it is tangible the passion you have. Thanks.

Part 1

Part 2
It’s great to see a new generation of coaches and teachers being exposed to the possibilities of the human body, rather than the dominant dogma of any given era. And to return to a higher level of integrity where writers accurately and honestly reflect the source of their information. This is encouraging and exciting for the future, even if only for those who are positively impacted by individuals such as this!

Ian King

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