Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Interview with KSI Level 1 Graduate Bruce Battherham

KSI. Firstly, Bruce, we want to congratulate you for graduating from the KSI Level 1 Legacy Course! We both know it's just a small step to mastery of the KSI way however you have shown you belong in the top 5% because you completed the course! Well done! Before we get into it we'd like to share with our readers a little bit about you personally - where you were born, where you live now, your hobbies outside of training and coaching.

Bruce Batterham: I was born at Allora and presently live in Townsville Queensland. Hobbies outside of training and coaching are fishing, shooting and competitive bodybuilding. Points:

KSI: Now let's talk shop! What is your current involvement in the industry, your niche market and where have you come from in your professional journey:

BB: I am a Personal Trainer with my own business, Been There Personal Training. I have only commenced this business recently after retiring from the Qld Police Force. I mainly train clients lookig to compete in bodybuilding.

KSI: So tell us - what are your thoughts about the KSI Level 1 Course now you have finished.

BB: At the same time as doing the Level 1 I was also completing another industry certification. For a reality check I would do a KSI Level 1 assignment to get away from the crab delivered in the other course. To a certain extent I was ahead of the game with Level 1 as I had read a couple of Ian's books extensively.

KSI: What were the main challenges, frustrations or questions you had prior to registering for the KSI Level 1 Course?

BB: At the time of registering I had an open mind and had not formed any opinions or been unduly influenced as I had limited involvement in the industry.

KSI: What specifically triggered you to get going with the KSI Level 1 Course?

BB: To increase my knowledge and understanding of the training innovations/principles employed by Coach Ian King.

KSI: Where did you first learn about the KSI Level 1 Legacy Course and what were your thoughts about the course before starting

BB: I think I found it on the website and just decided to do it

KSI: Did you perception of the KSI Level 1 Legacy Course change once you got into the course?

BB: No. The course is what I expected - very good.

KSI: What was your favourite part of the course?

BB: Besides finishing - lines of movement.

KSI: How has the KSI Level 1 Legacy Course changed the way you think, coach and the results you are getting?

BB: Less is more. It is not about the weight. Flexibility is king.

KSI: What do /would you tell others who may be considering doing the course?

BB: I encourage everyone I talk with to either do the course or obtain the books or DVD's offered by KSI.

KSI: What do you see as the major challenges facing the profession/industry?

BB: PT's who just do not know how to train clietns. The Cert IV teaches nought - all they want is to get the clients heart rate up to 80% MHR, bash them and send them on their way.

KSI: What have found different and or unique about the KSI way?

BB: The manner in which the training has a plan for the individual. There is progression through the phases underpinned by flexibility/injury prevention.

KSI: What final advice would you give someone starting our on their professional educational journey with KSI?

BB: Embrace the concepts, learn the art of coaching. Ignore the ridicule of others who just do not understand that there is absolutely no need for the majority to lift heavy all the time.

KSI: Thanks for your time and look forward to seeing you move into the next level of the KSI Coaching Program!

BB: OK - enjoyed the course. I apply the principles all the time and acknowledge the source.

KSI: Thanks for taking the time to participate and contribute through this 'interview'! We look forward to sharing your story with others on a similar path in the near future!

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