Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Readers response to Barbells & Bullshit (book)

I received this feedback recently and responded. It's great to have genuine people reach out and offer their support:

Hi Ian, I've just read your Barbells &... book. I did so with a mixture of sadness and anger. While xxxx had made me aware of the plagiarism of your work that had occurred, it was quite shocking to read about the extent of it, over and over and.... I offer my moral support. On a positive note, I did find the book important in showing the social conditioning pressures we all face and the inconsistent application of the scientific method by scientists; so thanks for that.  Best wishes for 2011,

Thanks G - yes, now you know that xxx was not exaggerating. It has been very unpleasant to see the extent that my material, developed over the last 30+ years, from literally days and nights in the hot sun and pouring rain, in snow, earthquakes and blizzards, in many different countries, in many different environments and cultures, has been raped and pillaged,.

One of the great tragedies in my opinion in the impact on my children and their children's children, that the theft of the legacy of this material may have on them. I have a big focus on life legacy, and I feel my kids and their children's children have been stolen from as much if not more than I. They are aware of what is going on but at their tender age, it is unlikely they grasp the full long term implications.

It also provides me with many questions that I seek to answer. I am giving reflection to questions such as:

1. Is this behaviour, including the way the industry has responded to it, the start of a new era, or the extreme acts at the end of an era of social morality?

2. Is this behaviour US centric or global? Are we seeing the extension of the US corporate and cultural traits of 'if it's not oral, its not immoral?' It's only wrong if you don't get caught? Or in this case as it appears, it's only wrong if you get convicted?

Many interesting questions.

I personally never expected to see the level of 'behaviour' in anyone as that I have encountered in this 'case', so it has been a real eye opener about the breadth and width of human integrity. It has also been eye opening as to who is prepared to stand up against to this kind of behaviour and who, for various reasons from lethargy to protection of personal benefits, would prefer to turn a blind eye or pretend it didn't happen.

This has been a true life lesson, one that I intend to share in full in the years to come. I will also be preparing a 'report card' on the integrity test that has been placed in front of the individuals, businesses and organizations to whom I have laid this moral dilemma in front of. They have all been in a position to take a stand and fold.  Some who I didn't really expect to take a strong stance have done so, and some who I expected would take a strong stance, have not. The report card will show each entities response. To date, the report card would not please a mother.

Appreciate your thoughts and support.

Great to hear you got value from the book in general. It was certainly a unique book with heaps of real world material! I do expect that in future generations the life lessons unfolded in my writings regarding every aspect of athletic and physical preparation will continue to serve and grown in their value to the world.
--Ian King

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