Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Static stretching fear mongering

I recently received a thesis study conducted in the US and shared with me by a coach out of austria, which i appreciated.

Here are some thoughts I shared in return.

Note the aim (or at least my aim) of static stretching is not necessarily to in the acute sense enhance or detract VJ height.

Nor is eating a large meal full of high fibre protein in the acute sense intended to enhance or detract from training ability or work capacity.

Why don't we see studies about how eating large, heavy meals followed immediately by DJ results in a decease in DJ height?

Because it is not the trend of thinking.

The only reason the relationship between stretching and jumping is hypothesized about, discussed, studied etc, is because there is an influencing drive to find rationale sounding reasons not static stretch.

Why? Because we will reduce injuries and negatively impact the pharmaceutical industry

Now there is a hypyoethesis we won't be reading about in our life time - that accurate teaching of SS results in a decrease in pharacuetical industry gross income.....

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