Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Feedback on my latest book - Barbells & Bullshit

I recently received this feedback about my latest book:

Ian, Great book... ...keeping me up late. Very entertaining, hilarious, gut-wrenching and scary as you unfold the reality of this industry, while pairing it with guidance to a conscious way of thriving in the field of physical preparation and life. Also, you have brilliantly made the book very interactive, which I assume was done purposely, and adds to the suspense and overall enjoyment.  Thank you once again!

To which I replied on the KSI forum as follows, content that normally stays on the members only http://www.coachking.net/ forum:

Excellent perception Ryan - there are many subtle and interwoven themes in this text which you have an awareness of, and even for my top coaches, they need all their knowledge and experience to decipher them

I appreciate your feedback, and commend you for digging into the book. many will disregard as a reading option simply because it's theme is not compliant with mainstream conditioning of 'what you need to study - e.g. references to research, or how to get bigger biceps, or apparently ever more pertinent today, how to lower body fat using the 'only' way to train 'that only I know how'

As the fitness industry grows, should it continue along its current path, I will be exposing more 'conspiracies' of the exploitation of the masses for the gain of a few - economically and egotistically.

One only needs to lift the lid on larger and older industries to see the techniques that are and will continue to expand in their use in the 'fitness industry'

Like the US economy, I feel the American-influenced fitness industry may be so 'sick' that it is beyond repair, short of greater social changes. An alternative is to create a universal sub-culture of those whose are passionate about physical preparation at any level of involvement, have the ability to think objectively and independently and reject the conditioned thinking enforced on the masses, and who do not support, endorse or wish to be part of a current, self-serving 'fitness industry'.

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