Sunday, June 27, 2010

Players turned coaches have a short memory

After having watched a player I formerly trained in a team sport for many years become a coach and appear to err in the same over-training ways he would have complained about as a player under my guidance, I formed a hypothesis that many players who were trained in an optimal environment suffer short term memory loss upon making the transition to coach.

Specifically, they revert to training volumes that would have raised their shackles as a player.

I am now seeing another case of this. As a player, this coach was quoted a saying the high volume training being imposed on them was causing high incidence of injuries and depressed team performances.

Now, in his second year of coach of the same team in an Australian national league competition, the coaches season has been described as.....highest incidence of injury in the league, and a rapid fall from top of the latter to bottom half.

Sounds familiar?

Same influence in the physical preparation in both scenarios. Another case of a former player with selective memory loss now that they are a coach?

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