Thursday, May 20, 2010

Reflections on a trip around the world of physical preparation

I want to share briefly with you some of the things that really stood out to me during my recent around the world trip.

Firstly the difference between the sporting industry and the fitness industry. As my background is mainly in sport, I naturally have an affinity with the athlete and coach, and really enjoy the focus on a measurable and competitive outcome. 

In addition to which of these two similar but distinct industry people come from, there is another variable that I have concluded determines more about what and the way an individual thinks than anything else - their exposure to what I can 'pracdemics' (those wishing to be seen as research quoting practitioners) publishing. It's amazing how no matter which country these people live in, they all happen to 'co-incidentially' thinking and acting on a common thread. I actually feel more future for those who have yet to be exposed to this publishing pracdemic 'gatekeepers' of the truth.

Another observation that has not changed - the most common strength program around the world dominates with bench pressing (horizontal push) and squat variations (quad dominant'. This appears a habit tough to lose!

My favourite moments would include:

* Having real coaches and athletes in my seminars in each location, for whom results are measured on the scoreboard, not in who agrees with the dominant trends - this was from South Australia to the North America.
* Stretching on the wet grass in near zero temperatures in a cold breeze and drizzling rain on a hilltop somewhere outside of Dublin with 20 or so gaelic footballers.
* Seeing the old houses, sheds and castles in Ireland - these houses were not build on sand!
* Talking rugby with a South African rugby coach in Austria and taking his charges through their paces.
* Shooting hoop in Innsbruck with a group of basketballers.
* Working with competitive athletes in the winter sports.
* Working one on one with a client whose live was temporarily affected by pain, and watching the face and body language changes as we peeled back the layers in a multi-disciplined fashion.
* Confirming my theories and hypotheses through my experiences and observations from a global and individual human perspective, and creating some more.
* Being in awe of the mountains during my stay and during the coach drive out of Innsbruck.
* Experiencing the accent and language of more cultures that I can count.
* Watching the sun glow through from the bottom of the clouds upwards as we flew on our approach to Brisbane above the cloud layer in the morning prior to sunrise.

And more!

I conducted about 20 seminars or training sessions in as many days, and met many great people and trust my exposure impacted them in a long-term positive way. Until next time, stay focused on your goal and ask - is this the best way I can do this?

In closing I want to thank the seminar organizers. venue hosts, and most importantly those of you who valued leaving home to attend these events. Until next time.

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  1. Hi Ian...only discovered you/your site in the past two weeks. Love what you have to say and how you say it. Missed you in Dublin but hopefully will get to see you in action again soon. Anyways congrats on your work so far, keep on churning out more of the same and keep fightin the good fight. best of luck